Specialty Chemicals

Vesta Chemicals, based in Zwolle, The Netherlands, was established in 1988 as a distributor of specialty raw materials to the chemical industry. We are focused on catalysts and do serve customers in a wide range of industries. We supply from our own stock in Europe and the United States. Through dedicated account and supply chain management we guarantee OTIF deliveries of your critical raw materials.


We represent more than a dozen chemical manufacturers from both Europe and Asia.

Most products we distribute are catalysts such as azo-initiators, organic peroxides, phase transfer catalysts, triphenylphosphine and tin catalysts.

We also sell complementary products such as phosphites, silanes and siloxanes.


Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), is European Union regulation which requires manufacturers and/or importers of chemicals to register those substances in accordence with the procedures prescribed within the regulation. At Vesta Chemicals we actively maintain compliance to the requirements of the REACH regulations, we provide our buyers with up to date extended safety sheets available in all common European Languages.

CatOnium ETPB

Ethyltriphenylphosphonium Bromide (CAS: 1530-32-1) , used as phase transfer catalyst in the production of epoxy resins and powder coatings

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ViaCat 4100

Monobutyltin Oxide, (CAS: 2273-43-0), mainly used as catalyst in the production of (un)saturated polyester resins, and polyester polyols.

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