Next to phase transfer catalysts, esterification catalysts, antioxidants and amine catalysts for polyurethane foams we supply other materials which do not belong to our standard product groups. Although they are not typical commodities, they are supplied in bigger quantities compared to the catalysts. Chemicals that belong to this groups are optical brighteners for the detergent industry, hydroxyl functional acrylic monomers used in manufacturing of acrylic resins,

tetrabromo bisphenol A that imparts flame retardant properties to the epoxy resins, benzoguanamine and glycoluryl used in specialty amino resins and/or crosslinkers, hydroxy pivalyl hydroxy pivalate, a diol that enhances the hydrolytic stability of the polymers, dimethylol propionic acid used in manufacturing of polyurethane dispersion etc. Specifically in the case of low volume chemicals, with our storage and distribution capabilities we assist our customers in reducing the inventory and all over logistic costs.

Benzoguanamine CAS Number: 91-76-9
Glycoluril CAS Number: 496-46-8
Meldrum’s Acid CAS Number: 2033-24-1
Meldrum's Acid
Pinacolone CAS Number: 75-97-8
Polarad DTHFP CAS Number: 89686-69-1
Ru-Cat 402 CAS Number: 7440-18-8
Ruthenium on Alumina Catalyst
Triphenylphosphine CAS Number: 603-35-0
, , ,
Viobrite CBS CAS Number: 27344-41-8
Disodium 4,4'-bis(2-sulfostyryl)biphenyl
Viobrite DMS-X CAS Number: 16090-02-1
Disodium 4,4'-bis[(4-anilino-6-morpholino-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl)amino]stilbene-2,2'-disulphonate