Resins suitable to be combined with Vicura curing agents contain carboxyl, hydroxyl or epoxy groups. With right resin choice and corresponding Vicura curing agent coatings with desired storage stability, pot-life, curing temperature, curing speed, flow behaviour, mechanical properties, chemical resistance and weatherability can be formulated.

Products in which Vicura curing agents are used include polyester powder coatings for indoor and outdoor application and functional epoxy powder coatings. Vicura crosslinkers can be used in combination with ViaCat tin catalysts in both liquid and powder coatings.

Vicura DICY 100S CAS Number: 461-58-5
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Vicura MC-2844 CAS Number: 93-69-6
Vicura MC-31 CAS Number: 936-49-2
Vicura MC-55 CAS Number: 54553-91-2
Pyrromelletic Acid Diphenyl Imidazoline Salt (1:2)
Vicura MC-68 CAS Number: 54553-90-1
Pyromellitic Acid Diphenyl Imidazoline Salt