Quartzene® is nano-porous amorphous silica based material with a very large internal surface. It has high whiteness and with its large internal surface and high porosity it is a very light material. As an additive in paints and coatings Quartzene® can have a variety of functions.

Quartzene® can be obtained in the form of a fine powder, granules or pellets, or as a paste. It can easily be mixed in different paints and coatings where it is an excellent enhancer of various properties.

The benefit of Quartzene

Quartzene® is the ultimate performance insulation material. It can be used as an additive in industrial, construction and coating products for improved thermal and acoustic insulation. Quartzene® can be tailor-made to meet specific functions depending on the application and performance required.

More possibilities of Quartzene®

Quartzene® can be customized by attaching active substances to the large internal surface. For example to capturing other harmful molecules or release the active substance in a controlled manor. In this way customized Quartzene® added to indoor paints, can be used to capture harmful substances in the indoor environment, by a passive adsorbtion of pollutants such as VOCs, NO2 and SO2.

In the same way, in outdoor paints, customized Quartzene® can provide better control of the release rate of pesticides and fungicides from the paint. The amounts of biocides and fungisides can be minimized and thus reduces the environmental impact significantly. In marine paints, where the use of copper is a major environmental problem and the discussions of banning or restricting the use of copper has been going on for long. By using a customized Quartzene®, the amounts of copper in the anti-fouling paint can be dramatically reduced.

When the intermediate product Quartzene® paste is added to a coating it will, when the coating dries, help form a controlled network of fine microcracks. They are not visible to the naked eye, but will significantly improve the vapor or liquid permeability in the coating. For example in production of paper, cardboard or gypsum boards it accelerates the drying process and prevent the formation of larger cracks.

Quartzene® is also a hygroscopic material with high whiteness and can be mixed in the coatings of paper and cardboard to improve e.g. printability and opacity. Added to a paint, the hygroscopic properties of Quartzene® makes it a good regulator for the relative humidity in a room.

Added to a paint or coating Quartzene® can also improve properties such as fire and corrosion resistance.

Quartzene Z1 CAS Number: 68909-20-6
Silicon dioxide (amorphous) , methylated
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