Description and Features
Quartzene® Z1 hydrophobic powder is the ultimate performance insulation material. It can be used as an additive in industrial, construction and coating products for improved thermal and acoustic insulation. Quartzene® Z1 can be tailor made to meet specific functions depending on the application and performance required.

Product Information

CAS number68909-20-6
EC number 272-697-1
HS code2811


AppearanceWhite powder
Assay≥ 90.00 %
Tapped density0.08 - 0.12 g/ml
Surface area (SBET):
150-300 g/m2
Particle size range:1-40 µm
Pore size range (DFT):
1-50 nm
Porosity94 - 96%
Temperature range @Patm:
-200°C ~ 250°C
Thermal conductivity @20°C and Patm:
0,025-0,027 W/m,K