• We are delighted to annouce that our company name will be changing
    per January 1, 2019

    from:   Vesta Intracon bv
    to:       Vesta Chemicals bv

    Kindly note that no other aspects of the company structure such…

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  • KWF-Business-friend

    Cancer affects us all. One in three Dutch people get cancer during their life, over 100 thousand people a year. Annually, about 43 thousand people die as a result of cancer. This is the…

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  • REACH compliance

    The registration of Enox DCBP (CAS 133-14-2) ,  which is di(2,4-dichlorobenzoyl) peroxide paste, 50% in silicone oil, has been completed last December, this substance has been REACH registered with the ECHA as a…

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  • Vesta Paard Veulen toernooi

    Since 2013, we sponsor the youth department of tennisclub Hasselt. Besides an annual sponsorship fee, which will assist the tennisclub in establishing a good level of youth tennis support, Vesta Intracon also acts…

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