DTHFP | CAS: 89686-69-1

DTHFP | CAS: 89686-69-1 | REACH registration completed

Chemicals are used in daily life, some of them are able to improve properties of existing and well know applications, DTHFP is one of them.

Vesta Chemicals has finalized the REACH registration of Polarad DTHFP (Ditetrahydrofurylpropane CAS 89686-69-1).

Polarad DTHFP is a polar modifier which can be used in the production of solution-styrene butadiene rubber  (S-SBR). By utilizing the polar modifier DTHFP in the production of S-SBR tyres the following properties will be improved:

  • Reduced tyre wear
  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Improved wet-skid resistance

Vesta Chemicals is focused on expanding its portfolio with sustainable chemicals and adding Polarad DTHFP to our portfolio is considered to be a great achievement.

Polarad DTHFP can replace the conventional catalysts TMEDA (Tetramethylethylenediamine / CAS  110-18-9) and is available from stock in Europe and the USA.